For every 1-Year Domain Name purchase through K.I.D., Inc., we configure your domain name for use with any server for a flat fee of $50 per domain name. You can extend your rights to the domain name for an additional $15/yr.

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Banner advertisements are a popular way to advertise online. Let K.I.D., Inc. create your banner unique advertisement and see how they stand out from the competition. Standard banner ad sizes and pricing are listed by clicking the link below. We can also create a advertisement materials for magazines, newspapers, flyers, posters, direct marketing materials, scoreboards, etc. Anything you need transferred to a digital format, K.I.D., Inc. can integrate into your custom graphic design. FLASH and .GIF animations are the most common forms of internet advertising, while .TIF, .PNG, .BMP, and .JPG are the most common forms of printed media advertisements.

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If you have ever tried to place your web site on the most popular search engines, you know how difficult, time consuming, and disappointing this tedious process can be. Knowledge Innovation Design, Inc. has experience with optimizing ANY web sites exposure by ranking high on the search engine keyword lists.

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For an original or redesigned Web Site Design for your company, our prices start at $300 and up. This price includes up to 5 simple pages and up to 15 images. Animation and added functionality can be added on for sites that already have a preferable layout. We offer partial services also, such as addition of CGI scripts, logo and graphic designs, and simple changes to the site, such as dates, times, or the addition of scheduled events or occurances..If for any reason you are not happy with the level or service and you wish to take the work on your web site that is already completed to another host or designer, there will be access to the ftp server at all times for those who are confirmed trusted and reliable parties. We "ZIP" the entire contents of your site and create a secret link on this web site for download at your convenience. We don't play games with your data.

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Knowledge Innovation Design is proud to offer Web Design and hosting services at some of the lowest prices in the industry. Whether you need a complete web site built from scratch, or have an existing web site that you want maintained, we have the solution for your budget and goals. Times are tough and economic uncertainty is everyone. We at Knowledge Innovation Design are striving to compete with big business and give our clients a unique and functional web presence. We offer various scripts on our web hosting servers such and CGI mail, and various components used for E-commerce and shopping cart technology. We install advanced CGI scripts per customer requests. This keeps our operating costs low, and the cost to our customers low as a result.

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Knowledge Innovation Design, Inc. or K.I.D. Inc, offers to streamline these processes by asking the client specific questions about what they want from a web site The first thing most of our consultations requesting information on design ask is, "How much is it going to cost me?". Our company is very like minded, and we understand that just about everyone is strapped for cash in this economy. So after we assess what the client wants, and give an approximate bidding price, we can match the budget to the project. It's just that simple. With K.I.D., Inc. you never pay for what you don't need. Each customer will have a completely unique account according to their unique needs.